Remanufacturing Rare Sports Racing Cars
Fine Sports Cars specializes in remanufacturing the world’s most famous and rare classic cars, vintage cars, vintage exotic cars, vintage sports cars and vintage race cars. We are proud to offer what we believe to be the widest range of remanufactured cars available today including: the sanctioned Norman Dewis D-Type, XKSS and XJ13; the Bizzarrini 250 GTO and 5300 GT; and Alfredo Vignale’s 340MM and 375 America.
Our partners and consulting design engineers for our sanctioned Italian cars have designed and created some of the most successful sports racing cars in motorsport history. We are honored to be working with Giotto Bizzarrini, Alfredo Vignale, and Norman Dewis to bring these historic sports cars to life.

Bizzarini's Ferrari 250 GTO Prototype 0523GT
In 1961 Enzo personally directed Bizzarrini to build a new competition Berlinetta to win Le Mans. On August 11th, within 2 months of starting the project, perhaps the most famous prototype race car of all time rolled onto test the 250 GTO legend was born. In November, due to the growing internal tensions, Giotto Bizzarrini did no more work on the car. And so as work began on the factory production versions, 0523GT was dismantled, destroyed, and lost forever. Today, Bizzarrini has agreed to bring his car back to life and sanction an exact recreation of the lost Prototype # 0523GT. The construction will be overseen and certified by Giotto Bizzarrini.

Norman Dewis “Sanctioned” Cars
Norman Dewis D-Type
With three Le Mans wins, the Jaguar D-Type remains as one of the most successful racing cars ever. The Norman Dewis’ story at Jaguar is both of personal achievement and unique involvement in a heroic period of great cars in Jaguar’s history. In a career spanning 33 years at Jaguar, Norman Dewis tested and developed a remarkable series of cars including: the C-Type, D-Type, and XJ13, as well as driving the “works” D-Type in the 1955 Le Mans. This special sanctioned edition will produce five short-nose cars and five “works” long-nose cars. Cars will be constructed to factory period specifications.

Norman Dewis 55th Anniversary XKSS
This special sanctioned 55th Anniversary Norman Dewis XKSS will have a production run of five XKSS cars. These cars will be constructed to factory specifications. Orders will be taken in 2010 for deliver of the first anniversary XKSS in 2011.

The XKSS is recognized today one of the rarest and most sought after sports cars from the 1950’s. Here was a thinly disguised, road-legal race car - a road-going version of the three-times Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-Type. A total of only 16 XKSS cars were made.

Built to contend Le Mans, the XJ13 is a story of a competition car initially prepared to take on Ford and Ferrari, but it never competed in a race. The XJ13's design used all the hallmarks of the 1960's successful race cars. This included a V12 engine in a mid-mounted position, both of which were very new to Jaguar.
Fine Sports Cars Italian Workshop and Showroom of Classic Cars
Our workshops and showroom in Italy offer a variety of services such as classic exotic cars for sale and classic sports cars for sale. The showroom always proudly displays a number of classic race cars and old classic cars for sale including vintage collector cars. They trade and buy vintage cars, buy classic cars, and conduct classic car search on behalf of our clients as well as a classic car finder service. The office regularly seeks out unusual vintage cars for sale for clients, and sells vintage cars to enthusiasts around the world.
Our onsite workshop's services in Italy include restoration services and classic restoration cars for sale.
Fine Sports Cars New Zealand Workshop for Classic Car Restoration
Fine Sports Cars New Zealand Workshop constructs all of our cars from donor cars. They also offer vintage cars restoration service and the workshop also sells restored vintage cars, and has classic cars for sale.
The engineers in Fine Sports Cars New Zealand workshop specialize in classic Jaguar cars, classic Aston Martin cars, and vintage Italian cars.
New Zealand provides Fine Sports Cars with many of our donor cars - as the country has many vintage cars for sale. The country’s classic old cars for sale, and sports cars for sale are rarely seen or offered on the open market here in North America.
The Vintage Sports Car Collector Market
The collector car market for classic collector cars for sale, has become much stronger in 2010 with more classic vintage cars for sale and also being sold compared to 2009. Vintage car sales have now come into their own. Investors are now moving away from the stock market and real estate and investing in classic and vintage cars. Sports Car Market reported that the Monterey auctions (August 2010) sales increased by over 40% to $172 million.

Exotic Classic Cars of Every Kind at Monterey
The different auction houses in Monterey offer many different types of classic sports cars for sale during the weekend events. These include exotic classic cars, vintage classic cars for sale and classic race cars, as well as collector sports cars. This year's auctions drew a wide range of bidders and spectators each with their own special interest - ranging from classic old cars to vintage cars for sale USA, and Aston Martin classic cars for sale. It is interesting to note that the classic race cars for sale section of these auction houses' inventory has also shown an increase in the past 5 years as these cars have become more popular.

Fine Sports Cars at Concorso Italiano in Monterey, California.
Huge Growth in Classic Car Publications and Web Sites
Many antique and classic cars enthusiasts today, when looking at an old classic car and restored classic cars for sale, consider the 100% original vintage cars to be preferable to the restored classic cars for sale. In recent years there has been a huge growth in publications offering classic car classified sections which feature classic cars, vintage cars, and classic racing cars. Web sites featuring classic old cars, vintage old cars as well as classic used cars have also proved to be very popular with enthusiasts looking for vintage old cars and classic sport cars for sale. Many of these sites feature some excellent classic car photos on their collector car sales section of their sites, as well as current collector car values and vintage car values from auctions around the world.
Fine Sports Cars: Recreating the World's Rarest Historic Sports Cars

As the market for rare original collector cars and classic exotic cars continues to grow, so does the market for Fine Sports Cars remanufactured sports racing cars. Offered at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an original car, Fine Sports Cars automobiles are eligible to apply for an HTP certificate. These papers provide entrance to selected vintage race events around the world - granting membership to the exclusive vintage racing world - racing with and next to original historic cars.
Built to exact original specifications, we believe the value of our sports racing cars will track the future value curve of the original cars, and prove not only to be a great investment but deliver motorsport experiences that will last a lifetime!
The photographs of cars on these pages are of actual existing cars used by permission from,, and other credited sources. They are represented on these pages to provide our prospective clients with a visual reference point only. As with any of Fine Sports Cars' classic cars: sanctioned, continuation, or remanufactured cars, each car is unique. All cars are offered with an extensive list of options and drive trains which enables us to deliver a documented car that meets the exact requirements of each of our exclusive clients.

The Ferrari cars remanufactured by Fine Sports Cars are modified to resemble specific Ferrari cars to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. Each client’s car is built according to the customer's request, built on a donor car and chassis provided and owned by the customer. All cars are constructed using the period correct original Ferrari components. These cars are not endorsed by, or sponsored by Ferrari S.p.A., an Italian corporation.