Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan designed and manufactured only three hand-crafted Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II Touring Spyders. The first car was debuted at the 1956 Paris Automobile Show. In 1957 the engine was upgraded by the fitment of 35 DCOE Webbers and racing cams from the Aston Martin DB3S engine.
Fine Sports Cars, as a special option, will collaborate with Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan to handcraft the coachwork for this elegant Anglo/Italian design sports car.
Aston Martin made a major revision for 1956 with the introduction of the three litre version of its six cylinder engine to form the DB2/4 Mk II.
It came standard with a 140 bhp engine, but there was a more powerful 165 bhp version available, which featured larger valves and a high-lift camshaft.
Aston Martin made the chassis available to coach builders to have them fitted with custom bodies. The most striking of these was a Spyder debuted at the 1956 Earls Court show in London and was the work of Touring of Milan. Only a limited run of three cars were constructed.
Aston Martin and the design house of Touring Milan are linked with most people being familiar with the DB4, DB5 and DB6 which proudly wear Touring's Supperleggra badge. However, before these cars came about, a number of special one-offs were prepared that are less familiar.
The Early Touring Supperleggra Milan
(Above) Touring bodies were created and hand-crafted stunning coachwork was done for Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lancia, Pegaso, Siata, and even Hudson.
Touring Superleggera Milan designing and free-drawing automobile
designs by hand.
Touring Supperleggra Milan Today

Today, Touring Milan creates unique designs for many of the world's exotic car manufacturers and restores many of their older creations.

Design Development

As early as 1953, David Brown was interested in promoting his marque with special limited production designs that could be shown at the great motor shows and broaden Aston's appeal. 

The DB2/4 chassis was the last of Aston's DB2 chassis and provided a strong basis for the studios since it was built as a 2+2. Three copies were sent by Stanley Arnolt to Bertone in 1953, a sole four seat cabriolet was made by Touring in 1953 and a relatively unknown Vignale Supersonic appeared at the 1956 Turin Motor Show.
In early 1956, a trio of chassis was sent to Touring and they had the task of creating a a Spyder that was more dramatic than the cars that came before it. Touring decided that clean flowing lines were the next direction, the resulting body was a gentle and harmonious design similar to Touring's famous Ferrari 166 Barchetta. Like that Ferrari, the Aston had a long front hood, a leather stitched interior and a low set windscreen.
To individualize the design, Touring gave great freedom to Signor Formenti who used some flamboyant accents such as the custom bumpers, twin hood scoops and an interesting version of Aston's signature grill.
The rear has two curious intakes over the leading edge of the rear fenders are reminiscent of the mid-engine sports cars that were on their way.
The very first Spyder, AM/300/1161 was displayed at the 1956 Turin Motor Show alongside the last Bertone Spyder and was purchased by the Associated Newspapers of London who held a contest to the person that could best sum up the design in a catch phrase. Alexander Smith won the car with 'who said a spyder couldn't fly'.
AM/300/1162 was first displayed at the Paris motorshow. Its engine was later upgraded to DB3S specification with more potent camshafts, Webers and an aluminum sump. By 1966, it was in America and underwent a full restoration. It is now in the Blackhawk collection painted in silver.
AM/300/1163 spent most of its life with same owner on the coast of the USA and was purchased by Whitman Ball. It went through the Blackhawk collection in 2004 painted light green.
Hand-crafted in Our Workshops
Each car body will be hand-crafted by expert local artisans to the original factory specifications, with final assembly and track tested in our own workshop ready to thrill its new owner. These automobiles are being constructed using our customer’s Aston Martin donor automobile, or an Aston Martin donor car from our inventory.

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Option
At customer request, Fine Sports Cars will collaborate with Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan to arrange for them to handcraft the bodywork, as they did in 1956, to the exact design and specification of an original Mk II DB2/4 Spyder

Rarity Index: 3 cars

Current Value of an Original Car: $2.5 - 3 million
FSC Current Estimated Value

It is now possible, for a fraction of the cost of an original car, to enjoy driving a legendary sports racing car on the world’s historic race circuits, surrounded by other cars no less mythical. Fine Sports Cars automobiles can be used in competition at selected vintage events, or registered for road use.
If your car is intended for use in vintage racing events, FIA Certification can be arranged on special request. Fine Sports Cars provides enthusiasts and collectors with faithful and accurate renditions of the world's rarest legendary cars.

Please contact us for to discuss the current price of the above car that will meet your requirements.

Fine Sports Cars' documentation includes:
• An original chassis plate and door plate from the donor car
• A personalized numbered chassis plate
• A numbered door plate detailing the place of origin and the manufacturer
• A signed certificate of authenticity which documents the place of manufacture, the originality of the donor car, and the history of the car model
• A complete list of specifications and parts

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